Save Dogs in the Mexican Jungle

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Dogs in the jungles of Mexico need your help!

Traveling to small, isolated villages in the jungles of Mexico is like taking a step back in time. Sadly, stray dogs run rampant amidst dirt roads and wooden huts. Most dogs are bone thin, mangy, covered with ticks and fleas and unsociable with people. These dogs are no different from the dogs we know, yet their average life span is often two years or less. Much like the dated scenery and amenities, animal welfare in the region is also years behind its neighbor in the United States.

Since these villages are not moving into the modern world, Isla Animals decided to go to them. With a mobile clinic, Isla Animals can go into the jungle with all the supplies needed to help. They plan to take their mobile clinic, along with two vets, to spay and neuter up to 30 animals a day. These veterinarians will be a crucial first step in changing the perception of animals in the region. They will provide medication, treatment, and educate locals on the importance of caring for their animals.

You can help. Just $22 provides one year's supply of flea and tick medications for one dog. Give dogs in the jungles of Mexico a chance at a healthy life!

Isla Animals is dedicated to decreasing the unwanted pet population on Isla Mujeres and surrounding areas of Mexico through on-going spay/neuter programs, education, vaccinations, adoption and free wellness assistance.

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