Protect Zimbabwe's African Wild Dogs

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Africa's Wild Dogs are in Peril.

The African wild dog is at risk of going extinct in the wild. Factors contributing to this population decrease include loss of habitat and disease. One disease in particular - rabies - has devastated the African wild dog population in Southeastern Zimbabwe. Typically domesticated dogs in Zimbabwe spread this fatal disease to the African wild dogs, who are not vaccinated from rabies infection. Dogs infected with this disease suffer horribly. If not controlled, the disease will continue to cause needless deaths among Zimbabwe's African wild dogs.

The African Wildlife Conservation Fund (AWCF) is on the ground in Zimbabwe working diligently to stop rabies. A gift of just $1.50 allows them to vaccinate one domestic dog against rabies. AWCF is aiming to vaccinate 10,000 dogs every year until they can locally eradicate the disease. Each $1.50 donation pays for the vaccine, deworming medication and the cost of administering the vaccine in remote rural areas. Eradicating rabies from the domestic dog population is a crucial factor to ensuring survival of Zimbabwe's African wild dogs.

You can help. For only $1.50, you can help save an African wild dog's life.

The African Wildlife Conservation Fund aims to conserve healthy large carnivore populations in Zimbabwe through a holistic approach that includes, community engagement and upliftment, mitigation of direct threats to wildlife, education, policy dialogue and management driven research.

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