Support the Retired Donkey Sanctuary in Nepal

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Give overworked and abused Nepalese Donkeys a well-deserved retirement!

Approximately 1000 equines (donkeys, mules and horses) are employed in brick kilns in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. As these kilns offer harsh working conditions for the people, one can only imagine the horrific treatment set upon the working donkeys. It is not uncommon for the animals to be worked until they collapse of physical exhaustion. Poorly designed and overloaded saddles create deep wounds on the donkeys' backs and legs. Due to non-existent veterinary care, sick and injured donkeys were simply left to die. Animal Nepal stepped in to give these donkeys a helping hand.

In 2008, Animal Nepal launched a Working Equine Outreach Program to train donkey workers on proper animal welfare. The following year Animal Nepal constructed the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary, allowing the most severely overworked donkeys a chance to retire. These donkeys were all on the verge of death when Animal Nepal stepped in to rescue them. Some were blind, others lame or severely malnourished. The Godavari Donkey Sanctuary provides donkeys with good nutrition, accessible veterinary care, and a safe home.

You can help. Just $10 provides food, medicine and a blanket for one retired donkey for one day. Give these donkeys the retirement they deserve!

Help Animals India seeks out the most promising, yet under-funded animal welfare organizations across India and Nepal to provide financial assistance and practical training and consultation. Help Animals India actively seeks out NGOs that are dedicated, effective, efficient, and socially responsible, so that funders' support goes directly where it can make the most difference. They strive not only to achieve immediate benefits for India's animals, but to nurture an enduring culture of animal protectionism.

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