Help Protect Rhinos from Poachers

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Help protect Rhinos from Poachers at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

The level of illegal rhino poaching for their horns is at an all time high. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), "Escalating levels of poaching and illegal trade in rhino horns are seriously undermining rhino conservation efforts, putting the survival of these species at risk." Those working to protect rhinos from poaching are up against criminals equipped with night vision scopes, silenced weapons, darting equipment and helicopters. The most effective tool to stop poaching is highly trained rangers who can monitor and protect existing rhino populations.

Rhino Fund Uganda provides training, employment, food, medical insurance and a uniform to over 80 rangers at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Conservation Center in Uganda. This 24 hour a day surveillance requires that Rhino Fund Uganda continue to provide special training and hire more Rangers as Rhino numbers increase at the sanctuary, the only rhino sanctuary in Uganda.

The program is working, with rhino numbers up from 9 to 15 in just five years, and six more births on the way. With each successful birth, more Rangers need to be employed and trained.

You can help. Just $9 pays for a ranger for a full day to stop poachers and ensure that there is always a safe place for rhinos in Uganda.

Report from the Field

July 2017

rhino update

"There are 96 rangers that work 12 hour shifts to monitor each rhino on the sanctuary. There rangers jobs are made a bit easier if they are kitted well with the needed equipment. To get to work the rangers ride bicycles for an average of 5km to and fro. They need to carry water, binoculars, walkie talkie radio, camera, rain coat, jacket, food, data collection sheets and a few other items. The walkie talkie radios were broken more often than not during the rain season as there was no way of keeping them completely dry. They were carrying their equipment and goods in plastic bags which also endangered them due to the noise and color of these plastic bags. These backpacks have not only given every ranger a practical, comfortable, easy way of carrying his goods but has boosted moral immensely. Thank you for helping the Rangers so they can more effectively protect our Rhinos!"

The mission of the Rhino Fund Uganda is to apply sound conservation principles whereby a safe environment is created in which rhinos can be conserved for future generations. In addition, through conservation education and community programs, win the hearts and minds of the surrounding communities, as well as Uganda as a whole, to ensure their support of this rhino conservation and reintroduction program.


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