Care for Children Orphaned by Ebola

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Help provide for orphaned children.

Over 4,000 children have lost their parents to the deadly Ebola outbreak that is ravaging West Africa. Ebola-orphaned children in Sierra Leone have no parents to guide, protect or love them. The sudden loss of both parents, often in the same month, is crippling and depressing.

Develop Africa is filling this gap by meeting these orphans' need for shelter, food, school and counseling. Fear of contracting the disease has prevented some people from coming to the aid of these children. With your support, staff from Develop Africa will continue to meet the needs of Sierra Leone's most vulnerable citizens.

You can help. Just $10.00 pays for a set of clothes for a child orphaned by Ebola.

Report from the Field

Girls at School

January 2018

Aminata (pictured to the right) is another example of the children that Dream House helps. YOUR donations have helped Aminata continue her education. Your support helped provide all she needs to be successful in school and ensure that she completes her education. Healthy, well-educated and emancipated women are an excellent foundation for a new and free society. Your support will help Aminata to finish school, become independent and self-sufficient. In her chosen future career as a lawyer, she will also be contributing to national development. Thank you for helping to make the next phase of Aminata's dream come true. Through your support, Aminata has received full funding for the next academic year.


August 2017

Donors like you helped feed 22 orphans 3 meals a day, all going to school, all provided with housing and clothing as they grow. The funds you raised covered three weeks of meals & housing. The Dream Home orphanage gives 22 orphans everything they need - including food, clothing, school related expenses and psycho-social support/counseling. Through this home, the kids are able to live a normal lifestyle and grow up to be model citizens. This project ensures that these children do not fall by the way side. It is providing an environment where they can dream again. Instead of regretting the past, they are learning that "anything is possible". This project offers tremendous benefits in terms of helping deserving children grow and mature into model adults that will impact their communities and nation - and even the world. These children will be change agents in their communities. The values of hope, hard work, and confidence that they are learning will serve them well in the future as they mature into model leaders.

One of those children is Regina (pictured right). Regina is the youngest of the Dream Home children, she became an orphan at only 1 years old and the Dream Home has become her home and family. She recently celebrated her 3rd birthday at the Dream Home and is doing well.

June 2016

Fatmata is just one example of a child supported by Develop Africa:

Fatmata is a pupil of the Vickrays Community Primary School. She recently completed her national primary school exam. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. Fatmata likes to dance to African music and cooking. Fatmata has two sisters that live in the Dream Home also. She lost her father and mother to Ebola in December last year. Fatmata also contracted the virus but survived.

This grant went toward purchasing clothing and shoes for Fatmata - meeting an essential, primary need. Fatmata is an Ebola orphan and an Ebola survivor. As a growing child, she outgrows her clothes and needs new clothes regularly. Fatmata was delighted to get the new clothes and send her deep appreciation to all donors. Your support made her day and brought smiles to her face!

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