Feed a Child in the Philippines

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Help provide lunches to school children in the Philippines.

Hunger and malnutrition are a big problem In the Philippines. Current data indicates that 1 in 5 children under the age of 5 are underweight because of poor access to food; and approximately 2 million elementary school children are severely wasted (the highest degree of malnourishment). This has a damaging affect on the children's ability to perform well at school and ultimately gain the qualifications needed to help them break the cycle of poverty.

In-visible is working to feed all 8,000 students attending Holy Spirit School in the Philippines. On a typical day, they are able to provide free meals for 500 children. With more support they will be able to provide lunches to even more students at the school. These lunches are vital to the children's learning and will help them perform better in school.

You can help. Just $32 provides school lunches to one child for a year.

Update from the Field

September 2017

Thanks to YOUR donations In-Visible has been able to provide over 91,000 meals to 700 children! Because these children are getting food every day, they are able to stay alert and attentive in class. The drop out rate was reduced by 75% and the national achievement scores rose by 10%. These children and their parents have learned the importance of having a healthy diet. Volunteers like Shella (pictured to the right) spend time in the kitchen every day—cooking, assembling, packing, serving, feeding, and cleaning. Shella has been volunteering her time for three years. As a mother of a child in the program, Shella decided to take an active part in a program that she believes contributes to the overall health and well-being of her ten year old son. "This program has made my son more active in school!" she says. For her, the feeding program is a community that nourishes her and her son, not just physically but emotionally as well.

June 2016

This program has seen continued success, as we helped In-visible.org feed 133 children for an entire year thanks to our donors! This feeding program has had a massive impact on their school. There’s been a 75% decrease in the annual drop out rate of primary school children (in a school of 8,000 children) since the program launched two years ago. In total, we’ve provided a total of 25,250 meals to children in the Philippines! We look forward to more continued success with this program!


July 2016

So far our donors helped provide 740 meals to students in the program! Pictured to the right are three young girls enjoying their free lunches that GreaterGood.org helped provide.

"When my child started in the program she weighed only 16kg as a 9 year old grade 3 student which is not good. Now after one year of the feeding program she weighs 22kg! Thank you to all the generous people helping people in the Philippines. You are giving a lot of children a chance to achieve their goal in life because they have energy in school." - Lalaine, Kitchen Volunteer and Mother of a child in the program

Our vision is a global community free from poverty where each individual can reach their full potential. We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished so far but we hope this will be our first of many partnerships with different communities worldwide.
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