Help Her Get Life Saving Breast Cancer Treatment

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Provide transportation to breast cancer treatment.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in Louisiana. While treatment is available, some women have trouble getting the care they need to stay alive. Many rural and urban cancer patients have very limited resources, and money for transportation is often beyond their budget ‐ even when that transportation is to a potentially life‐saving treatment appointment. This results in missed appointments, disease progression, and premature death.

The Louisiana Cancer Prevention and Control Program hopes to dramatically reduce or eliminate the number of missed appointments by providing local, non-emergency transportation for uninsured and underinsured breast cancer patients. The impact of this program will save the lives of patients in the greater New Orleans area who seek treatment at the Interim LSU Public Hospital.

You can help. With your support, a breast cancer patient in Louisiana will get the care she needs.

Update from the Field
September 2016

One of our patient navigators in Lafayette, LA assisted a woman with two gas cards so that she was able to complete her appointment at a hospital in New Orleans. The woman was from the St. Martinville area, around two hours from New Orleans, and would have had no way to get to her appointment otherwise. The same navigator also assisted a woman who needed further work-up for an abnormal screening who had just gotten out of jail and was establishing somewhere to live. The woman was assisted with a gas card so that she could go for further testing. The results were not malignant. The navigator was then able to guide her to apply for food stamps and other services.

The  Louisiana Cancer Prevention and Control Program's  mission is to reduce the burden from cancer in Louisiana. To accomplish this, the Louisiana Cancer Prevention and Control Programs (LCP) focus on eliminating and reducing cancer-related inequalities and health disparities by providing a comprehensive, integrated and coordinated approach to the continuum of cancer service delivery.
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