Hot Lunches for Hungry Students

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Help provide lunches to students in Tanzania.

Many school children in Tanzania start their day without breakfast and do not eat their first meal until 3 PM. This perpetual hunger and lack of nutrition causes children to remain distracted during the school day. Due to a lack of focus, only one in ten primary aged children perform well enough in their national exams to enroll in high school.

AfricAid's school lunch program provides 599 students at Losinoni Primary School with a hot lunch every day. This simple initiative has helped students perform better in school, and now 85% of the students at Losinoni are doing well enough to enroll in high school.

Your contribution to the school lunch program will help ensure that a child in Tanzania will continue to succeed in school.

You can help. Just $8.50 provides a student attending Losinoni Primary School with a hot lunch for an entire year.

AfricAid's mission is to support girls' education in Africa in order to provide them with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities.

Update from January 2018

Meet Neema!

This grant helped provide 1 years worth of daily school meals to 59 students like Neema. Neema walks to school each day, approximately three miles. Though the school fees are covered by the government, school is not free. Before school everyday, Neema wakes up early to assist with the animals and do chores around the house. She then heads off to school with nothing in her belly. It is common for families to only eat one or two times a day. Because Neema is attending a school where she knows lunch will be provided, she is more likely to show up at school, stay in school, and learn while at school because of the critical protein provided by AfricAid's Hot Lunch program. Without this meal, Neema may not show up at school everyday, and certainly wouldn't have the attention span to listen and learn while in school with an empty belly. Neema is grateful for this meal, and sometimes it's the only thing she eats all day.

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