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Help Guatemalans build safe houses. 

Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the Americas, with over 50% of the population living in extreme poverty—a poverty where families are unable to obtain the minimum daily caloric intake of food. Inadequate housing is one of the largest problems facing many families. A typical Guatemalan house consists of cane walls, a scrap metal roof, and a dirt floor. Many of the health and education problems these families face stem from the lack of adequate housing.

Constru Casa builds safe, sturdy, block houses for families in need. Based in La Antigua, the team builds homes throughout Guatemala. Constru Casa coordinates with local social-work organizations to identify and select families of exceptional need. Once a family is secured in their new home, they are able to focus on improving their lives in other ways, such as saving money, sending their children to school, and improving their health.

You can help. Just $5 helps a Guatemalan family build a safe and sturdy home.

Update from the Field

July 2017

Toledo Family

Donors like you helped provide a total of 45 water filters to families in need and helped reach the goal of building 1000 houses in different communities in Guatema in 2017.

The Toledo family (pictured to the right) lives in San Felipe de Jesus in Antigua, Guatemale. Maximo Toledo works hard as a mason to provide for his family and his wife stays home to look after the house and children. Thanks to YOUR donations, Constru Casa was able to build a three bedroom and one bathroom house for the Toledo family. They were able to finish constructing the house in five days, which is a record for Constru Casa. The family is very grateful and happy to have a home they can be proud of, where their children can grow up in warmth and safety.

With your continued support, Constru Casa continues to build houses for families who need it most in Guatemala. We couldn't do it without your help!

Constru Casa's mission is to improve the quality of life among Guatemalans living in extreme poverty through the provision of basic housing, support programs and community development projects related to health and education. Since 2004, they have built over 630 houses and more than 70 community buildings for Guatemalans living in poverty.
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