Illuminarie™ Leaf Dual-Motion Windwheel

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The Illuminarie Leaf Dual-Motion WindWheel is a beautiful kinetic metal and art glass garden sculpture. The leaf-designed wheels comprising the unit spin counter-motion on a windy day. The center illuminarie globe encloses mineral crystals that absorb light energy during the day and glow at night. The threaded stake allows for varying height.

Our Illuminarie™ items can be displayed and viewed in a variety of settings, but placement in an area that receives plenty of sunlight during the day, yet is shaded or protected from ambient light (houselights, streetlights, etc.) in the evening will ensure best results. Illuminarie™ decor will glow up to four hours depending on light exposure, but the best viewing will occur shortly after sundown. Indoors or out, in a garden or flowerbed, you're sure to enjoy our Illuminarie™ garden decor.

  • Metal & glass
  • 2.5" diameter (6.4 cm) hand-blown globe
  • 45" H (114.3 cm)
  • Imported
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