John Paul Pet® Body & Paw Dog Wipes

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John Paul Pet® wipes help remove dirt, dander, and bacteria build-up in paws and moisturize dry, cracked paw pads. They also help clean and deodorize fur, and are enriched with lanolin to replenish your dog's coat. They are pre-moistened, allowing them to be soft and gentle while cleaning delicate areas such as between the toes and around the tail.

  • 45 sheets
  • Specially formulated with aloe & lanolin
  • 8" x 6" (20 x 15 cm)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Customer Reviews

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I am so

I am so glad to have discovered John Paul Pet Body and Paw wipes. They are perfect between baths or after we take our dog on a hike. Thanks you John Paul Pet!

Great to have on hand

This is a quality item I keep on hand for those times my Pibbles, the famed Pit Bull Princess comes in from a mole-hunting exercise or having rolled in some unidentifiable...something. Makes quick work of the mess until I can get her groomed and the scent is so very mild.

I'd like the container to keep them moister longer, though, and I'd prefer the sheets larger.

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