Camp Angels for Children with Diabetes

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Send a child with diabetes to a summer camp designed specifically for them.

Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes affects one in every 400 children in the U.S. Research has shown that diabetic camps are the best place to teach children how to manage their diabetes. Unfortunately, many families are not able to provide this unique opportunity to their diabetic child because of financial obstacles.

Many children with diabetes often feel different or out of place because of their dependency on others to manage their health. After having a diabetic camp experience where they are surrounded by hundreds of diabetic peers, they realize they are not alone in fighting this lifelong disease. These children begin to take charge of what is necessary to monitor and control their diabetes. Motivation is a key in caring for diabetes and the camaraderie and social support they receive during summer camp provides that motivation.

It is through your heartfelt donations that we help provide that priceless experience to young campers across the country. Just $25 provides a partial scholarship to make a camp experience possible for a child with Type 1 Diabetes.

Update from the Field
Thank you Camp Angels

August 2017

Thanks to YOUR donations, GreaterGood was able to provide scholarships for over 200 diabetic children from ages 5 to 16 to attend special diabetes camps across the U.S. Some financially-challenged families have more than one child with diabetes, and these donations were able to help one family with three diabetic children attend camp. These camps help teach children how to manage their disease and are an invaluable bonding experience.

Thanks to your support, Camp Angels continues to give children with Type-1 diabetes a magical experience at summer camp. Founders Don and Diane Rung recently shared with us testimonials from campers Matthew and Jamison and a mother of a camper who can't wait to come back next summer.

Camp Angels

The idea for Camp Angels was born soon after Don and Diane Rung's son Steve was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. While attending a weekend diabetic camp, they learned that these special camps are a blessing for diabetic children, but one they often can't afford because their medical needs are an existing hardship on their families. In 2002, Camp Angels became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to enable Type 1 diabetic children from financially challenged families to afford an enjoyable, customized camp experience.

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