Healthy Meals For Guatemalan Children


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Give a healthy meal to a Guatemalan child in need!

The Guatemala City garbage dump occupies 40 acres of the nation's capital and houses over a third of the country's waste, including trash, recyclables, and decaying organic matter. Very few health and safety restrictions regulate the items that can be disposed of in this sprawling landfill, rendering it one of the largest and most toxic in Central America. Discarded medical supplies, toxins emitted from gas tanks, and other biohazards contribute to the dangers of the landfill.

The perimeter of the landfill is so heavily populated that it is considered a municipality of Guatemala City. An estimated 30,000 squatters reside along the margins of the garbage dump, scavenging in the dump for personal items, including food. Unsurprisingly, injuries, illness, and deaths are all-too-common occurrences in this population, and children are particularly at risk.

The children living here need a safe place to go and good food to eat. Since 2010, Niño Esperanza (Child with Hope) has worked to provide just that, building an after school center where children can be safe, do homework and play, and get a warm, healthy meal. In this clean, well-managed facility, Niño Esperanza also provides emotional support and academic aid.

You can help! Your donation to this Gift That Gives More™ provides these children with the nourishment they need to support healthy development and growth.

Update from the field

October 2018

Children at Casa Nino Esperanza

Thanks to your donations, Niño Esperanza has been able to feed up to 75 children a meal each day!

You’ve helped children like Juanito and Sucely, whose mother struggles to provide food for them. Niño Esperanza is now making sure Juanito and Sucely get the energy they need from healthy meals with food like black beans, eggs, rice, sausages and plantains!

Niño Esperanza is also helping Sandra, whose mother is fighting breast cancer. Knowing that her daughter receives a nutritious meal each day at Casa Niño Esperanza is a huge help to Sandra’s mother.

Niño Esperanza is very thankful for your support! They’re hoping to provide even more meals for children in the future.

Since 2010, Niño Esperanza (Spanish for "Child With Hope") has been working to help this community, building the after-school center Casa Niño Esperanza for children where more than 100 children can do homework, play games, and get a warm, nutritious meal. With your generous gift, our organization can provide these children with the nourishment they need to support their healthy development and growth, as well as a clean, safe space where they can pursue their academic goals and find social support and comfort.

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