Thundershirt™ Calming Dog Wrap

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A drug-free solution for canine anxiety, the Thundershirt™ is recommended by thousands of vets and dog trainers worldwide. This ingenious device wraps around your pup like a warm hug, applying gentle, constant pressure to soothe and comfort. Alleviates anxiety caused by loud noises, separation, travel, and crate training, as well as negative behaviors such as problem barking and hyperactivity. Join the tens of thousands of dog owners around the world who call the Thundershirt™ a miracle cure!

  • 55% cotton, 35% polyester, 10% spandex
  • Multiple Velcro straps for snug fit
  • Machine wash cold; hang dry
  • Imported

Sizing in inches/centimeters:

Size Weight Chest range (around)
XXS Under 7 lbs. 9-13.5 / 23-34
XS 8-14 lbs. 13-18 / 34-46
S 15-25 lbs. 16-23 / 41-58
M 26-40 lbs. 18-26 / 46-66
L 41-64 lbs. 24-32 / 61-81
XL 65-110 lbs. 31-40 / 79-102
XXL Over 110 lbs. 38-50 / 97-127

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