Earth's Greatest Gift Bracelet

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The Mayan creation myth, beautifully told in a stunning accessory. Beginning with the earliest moment of creation, the origins of the loving bond shared by animals and people unwinds in a stunning panoply of color and texture. A remarkable conversation piece, handmade in Guatemala.

  • Metal & glass beads, waxed thread
  • Four distinct bracelets in one: can be worn together or separately
  • 7" L (17.8 cm)
  • Handmade in & fairly traded from Guatemala

Beautifully illustrated story card reads:

In the beginning, Earth was dark and cold, so the SUN and the STARS appeared in the heavens to light the sky and warm the air.

But Earth was barren and could not give birth, so WATER appeared, and PLANTS and TREES began growing in her nourishing soil.

Then Earth felt the abundance of her beautiful, lush environment and dreamed of ANIMALS and PEOPLE, and they emerged and enjoyed Earth's pleasures.

Now Earth was a flourishing paradise, but something was missing. The animals and the people did not know each other and they were very lonely. But the animals became curious about the people, and began greeting them. And the people brought the animals into their homes and fed them, and they formed a bond of friendship. Then Earth showed that she had saved her greatest blessing for last...LOVE arose from the spirit of the Earth, connecting animals and people forever. Now no one who has an animal companion ever walks alone.

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