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I Am Complete Swarovski Crystal Paw Ring

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Nothing's better than coming home to a patiently waiting, loving pet -- it has a way of making all the day's stress melt away. Wear a beautiful memento of your pet everywhere you go to experience that joyful calm. Stainless steel ring is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and imprinted with colored paw prints, and along the inside band reads "When I am with my pet... I am complete."

  • Stainless steel, swarovski crystal, & enamel
  • Hand painted
  • Imported
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Customer Reviews

Based on 316 reviews
Love this ring!!

I got this ring last year because I loved the inscription and the design and paw prints. It accidentally fell off my finger while I was packing up a Christmas package, and I mailed the package out. I did not realize it was in the package, I just thought I had lost the ring and was so upset. The package arrived to a family member and the ring happened to be inside. But I could not wait to see my family member before I got the ring back, so I HAD to purchase another one. I just love everything about this ring and it is very well made. Perfect ring if you love your fur-babies!!

Just what I hoped for

The silver is shining, the little paw prints are precious and the crystals are sparkling.
Love it! So glad I have mine, but now they’re gone.

Doubly Nice

I just received my second purchase as I was delighted when I received the first. In fact, I was so excited to receive it as quickly as I did that I fumbled upon opening the package and the ring hit the floor. It made a decided "clunk" and I immediately recalled one reviewer mentioning that they were impressed with the weight of this ring. Agreed. A testament as well to it for the price. That my purchases help contribute to pets in need warms my heart as I buy each one in honor of my precious cat as well my precious "kitty angels."

Lovely Momento

I just received this lovely ring in black in honor of my Jasper, who precently passed. I was so impressed with it that I ordered another in honor of my other kitty angel, Cory. Fits perfectly.

Lovely Ring(s) for 2 Kitty Angels

I wanted a ring as a momento for our sweet Maine Coon, Jasper, who passed earlier this year. I chose it with the help of the reviews and I couldn't be happier. I bought it in black and
thought it so pretty that I just ordered a second, in black as a well, in honor of our other shelter adopted kitty angel, Cory. I currently wear this stacked with the Paws I Love You ring, brought a few months ago, and look forward to adding Cory's momemto.

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