Save Land for Endangered Species

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Endangered species need our help!

Nearly 25% of all mammals analyzed by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) are threatened with extinction. The situation is even more bleak for fish, birds, insects, and plants. In fact, species are dying at a rate not seen since the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago. The number one factor contributing to this decline? Habitat loss.

Habitat loss is driven by human expansion. Across the world, endangered species are losing land to agriculture, housing, roads, pipelines, logging, and other industrial development. In order to ensure the survival of these species, we need to focus on safeguarding wildlife corridors and securing protected areas.

You can help! The best way to protect endangered animals is by protecting their home. When you give directly to, you are supporting efforts to save endangered species around the globe, from deserts to rainforests to savannahs. When you protect an acre of land, you help preserve the entire ecosystem—everything from plants and insects to large mammals like elephants and orangutans. With your help, we can save land for endangered species.

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