HIV Prevention Soccer Camp for African Kids

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Choose Your Donation: $20 - Provides support to one vulnerable child

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HIV/AIDS continues to be the world's number one health challenge, with over 30 million people infected worldwide, the majority of them in sub-Saharan Africa. The virus has decimated families and torn the very fabric of society, and continues to spread at an alarming rate.

Enter WhizzKids United, an exceptional youth HIV prevention education programme founded upon a solid foundation of theory and practice. In the world of WKU, the classroom is a grassy pitch and the language of instruction is football (soccer)! Football drills and activities use the game as a metaphor for life to teach boys and girls aged 11-16 the knowledge and skills they need to remain HIV-free.

This Life Skills Football Training is followed up by Peer Education and supported long-term by Health Academies, clinics specially designed to provide adolescent-friendly health and counseling services.

WhizzKids United is run by Africaid, a registered charity in the U.K. and a registered trust in South Africa. The program is endorsed by HIV researchers, FIFA (through its Football for Hope movement), tribal chiefs and many other supporters worldwide -- but most of all by the kids themselves!

This Gift that Gives More™ provides Life Skills Football Training and Peer Education to one vulnerable child in South Africa, Ghana or Uganda. Save a life today with your donation!


Africaid's WhizzKids United program is a revolutionary HIV prevention package that targets kids from 12-15 years of age, teaching them essential life skills through the medium of soccer. Founded in 2002, Africaid is a U.K. registered charity working to positively affect individual people's lives through HIV / AIDS prevention and by improving the care and support available to those living with the disease.

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