Provide Food & Supplies to Those in Need

Provide Food & Supplies to Those in Need

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Benefit Buy

You can make a difference by sending the gift of a Benefit Buy, which send supplies and goods, to those who need it most.

Snack Pack for 1 Family of 1 Family of 2 Family of 4

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This giving season provide vital resources and food to communities and families in need. Help ensure that individuals, small and large families, the young and the elderly don't go without this Thanksgiving. Every pack sent is appreciated immensely by those who receive them!


Being able to provide food for your family is a capability that many take for granted. Thousands of families struggle daily to put meals on their table for themselves, their children, and other family members who may depend on them. During uncertain times, this struggle is an added stressor and burden for families who were already living near or at the poverty line.

GreaterGood team ships Emergency KitsA large benefit buy donation sent to those in need!

According to, in 2019, around 5.3 million homes had low food security, meaning eating patterns and food intake were reduced due to low income or unforeseen circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in tens of millions of people being out of work, creating a sharp rise in national food insecurity. Families and individuals across the country have been affected, from single moms trying to care for their children, the elderly who are on a limited income, or veterans and others attempting to survive on the streets -- food insecurity is all too familiar.

By supporting those who are experiencing hardships -- whether due to insufficient or decreased income, unemployment, the effects of a natural disaster, or other adversity -- you can be their saving grace. When you purchase a food kit, they may be sent to shelters, food pantries, food kitchens and other organizations that can get the food and supplies directly into the hands of those who need it most. With the purchase of a kit, you are ensuring that no parent, child, grandparent, friend or neighbor goes hungry.

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Food is a right that no one should have to struggle for. Support those who need your help by providing healthy, nourishing and ready-to-go food, as well as reusable supplies that can benefit families.


Send support with one of these kits:

A Snack Pack for 1 provides a healthy granola bar, and a protein packed bar for sustenance. Two packets of vitamin C to support immune health, and a cup  will also be included.

Pack for a Family of 1 provides enough of the following supplies for one person: A can of chicken or tuna for protein, a can of chicken noodle soup, a veggie and/or fruit pouch/bar, a packet of vitamin C and a small dessert. A reusable tote, a can opener, a bowl and a cup are also included in this kit, to help the individual in the future.

Pack for a Family of 2 or 4 provides enough of the following supplies for 2, or 4 people depending on which kit is selected. A can of chicken or tuna, a can of yummy and delicious chicken noodle soup, and a can of hearty soup or beans for protein. Also included: veggie and/or fruit pouch/bar to support a more well- rounded diet along with a packets of vitamin C for immune health. As a sweet treat a dessert is also included. A utensil pack and tools such as plates, bowls, cups and a can opener are provided as well the utensil pack comes with a spoon, fork and knife in their own separate container, and this is all sent in a reusable tote for easy transport and for holding other essentials. We will also help cover some of the cost of shipping to ensure these goods get to where they are needed most.

Additionally, your contribution will provide much-needed funding for food banks, where food insecure families can obtain fresh items such as meat, milk, and other goods for no cost.


Other important information:

  • You will not receive a shipment from this purchase. We will facilitate the donation directly with qualifying organizations your behalf.
  • You will be charged all required taxes for your location. Save your receipt and consult your tax professional to determine if you're able to claim this purchase as a tax-deductible donation expense.
  • GreaterGood has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of Benefit Buy contributions based upon what the receiving organization needs the most. We will always contribute products of equal or greater value. Contributions may be distributed as cash or may be used to help other charity partners depending on the greatest need.
  • GreaterGood is proud to help provide this opportunity to support people in need. We are 20 Years Strong, and we couldn't have done it without your support--thank you!
You will not receive a shipment from this product. We will deliver your product purchase directly to the shelter recipient on your behalf.

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