Fresh & Fair Trade Spring Collection

Fresh & Fair Trade Collection

Introducing our fairly-traded collection, curated exclusively for GreaterGood from artisan groups Ganga and Sarc. These fair trade artisans from India put careful attention on the little details that make this apparel line so unique. Shop the full collection

Three pairs of tie-dye shorts foldered in half and laid flat
Three pairs of tie-dye shorts foldered in half and laid flat
An artisan-made tie-dye dress on a mannequin

Made with hand-dyed fabrics, meticulous wood block stamps, and other specialized techniques perfected over generations, you are sure to find something you’ll love!

Hand-Dyed By Artisans, Hand Chosen By You

By submerging each piece of fabric strategically with a distinctive dip-dyeing process, the artisans at Ganga create truly authentic ombre designs.

A very large, metal pot sits in the middle of a room. Water, dye, and farbic fill the pot which is stirred by a long wooden stick.
Three pairs of ombre dyed shorts lay on a clean background

As the dye bath cools, the temperature of the water changes the intensity of the colors as well, bringing a uniqueness to every pair – no two are exactly alike! Explore Ombre Shorts

A pair of hand-dyed shorts are positioned to the left of a brightly-colored tank top and white flip-flops

Marbling To Marvel At

Beautiful color blends in a marbled print is the definition of handmade charm! Sarc's artisans start by pouring different color dyes into a shallow pool, then carefully swirl the hues across the surface. At the perfect moment, the fabric is carefully lowered in the solution and a stunning spring garment emerges. Find Your Print For Spring

Fabric, infused with a tie-dye patten, dries outside on a stone fence next to an artisan facility
A close-up image of a dress, created using hand-dyed artisan techniques

Linen to Live In

Artisan crafted shorts — with sunglasses hung on the pocket — lay atop a solid colored tank top.

The moment you put on this linen pair from Ganga, you’re struck with that vacation feeling! The soft, airy linen makes these colorfully striped shorts perfectly suited for your warm-weather stroll. Featuring a high waist cut with a cute tie and front pockets for a flattering fit with fair-trade benefits. Shop The Rainbow

A close-up detail image showcasing the quality and vibrant color of the shorts shown in the above image

Stamped & Stunning

With a simple carved wood block stamp, Sarc designs are created that turn each clothing piece into an artist’s canvas. The block is dipped into pigment and pressed onto the fabric to create the desired design. Choose From Curated Handmade Designs Here

Wooden stamps are laid on an artisan's workbench with the pattern facing the viewer to   reveal the intricate detail of the stamps.
A dress adorned with a dragonfly print, created by hand using artisanal wooden stamps
A detail image revealing the quality and craftsmanship of the stamping process

Patterns With (Re)Purpose

Using every bit of fabric isn’t just a sustainable practice at Ganga, giving new purpose to leftover scraps, it also creates a totally unique design.

A purple, and a blue t-shirt — each with a handwoven butterfly design
Threaded into these tees are recycled textile fabric scraps to create a three dimensional Butterfly design

Threaded through this tee are recycled textile fabric scraps that create a three dimensional Butterfly design, creating a gorgeous, monochromatic look. Flutter This Way!

Olive, and Khaki, and Black, Oh My!

This soft, airy fabric from Ganga pairs well with a beautiful afternoon hike, a backyard bonfire, or anywhere your next adventure takes you!

Available in three classic, go-with-anything colors, this pair features an elastic waistband with drawstring, and pockets on the front and back. Comfort & Charm Collide

Three pair of solid-colored earth tone shorts
A detail image showcases the quality of the fabric used to create these versatile shorts

Take A Stroll in Stenciled Designs

Another popular Sarc design technique used throughout this collection is stenciling. With a hand-cut stencil design, the chosen pigment is sprayed over it for a repeating print that is beautifully handmade.

A matching top and pants decorated with a hand stenciled design

Patterned throughout the Made To Move Separates, you’ll see stenciled designs on fun, flowy fabrics that are as creative and spirited as you are!

A close up detail of the top's hand stenciled design

Wear Your Wanderlust

This gorgeously detailed long dress is made from a fabric inspired by traditional African prints in the market. Featuring a tiered design with whimsically light flutter sleeves that make it flow from day to night seamlessly. A Dress For Your Next Adventure

An artisan carefully sowing a dress using whimsical fabric
The finished dress in its entirety
A close up image of the pattern reveals the detail and qaulity of the intricate print
Looking closer at the shoulder highlights the care taken in creating the dress's flutter sleeves

Easy To Love!

Layers of tie-dyed color cascade down the fabric on each full length flowy dress, made by the many skilled artisans of Ganga.

A dress featuring multi-colored tie-dye and stitched embelishments, hangs on a mannequin

On top of the richly dyed fabric, the collar features beautifully detailed embroidery and lace accents. Vibrants colors, a romantic, flowy fit and incredible details make each piece easy to love. Dip-Dyed Dresses For Days

A closer look at the collar of the dress shows complex and delicate embroidery

Supporting Sarc For Generations To Come

Two artisan women sit on the steps outside of a building and smile while they chat.d
Two artisan women work at a large table pinning garments together

Sarc is based in Jaipur, India, and has been employing artisans for over two decades. With nearly 3,000 employees in various villages, Sarc has been helping individuals build sustainable incomes for their families and their futures. By working within the community, this group helps each artisan with their personal goals, like sending their children to good schools. Breaking the cycle of poverty is much more attainable, as workers get paid 40 to 60 percent more than the average wage for the area, and as high as 80 percent more for highly skilled labor. Every step in the process highlights the skills and beautiful traditions found throughout the 25+ villages involved. Shop The Collection

Apparel designer Michelle has worked with Indian artisan groups since 2009. With Ganga, she has collaborated season after season to develop exclusive, world-class apparel for GreaterGood, including the wonderfully one-of-a-kind pieces for this spring collection. Through the power of Sarc's richly-dyed fabrics in bright colors, GreaterGood is proud have become their largest customer! We value these partnerships because they are full of collaboration and creativity!

Apparel designer, Michelle, stands next to a gentleman in the Ganga artisan workshop