Sol Azul Boilerplate — DO NOT DELETE

Sol Azul was created in 2005 by Vanessa Mazorra in the tourist city of Suchitoto, El Salvador. Vanessa spent a lot of time with the artisans working with indigo dye. She learned how to use different techniques for dying with natural dyes, and developed apparel collections dyed with the blue indigo that she called “Sol Azul” (blue sun). She has always loved the fashion world and the moment she dipped her hands in that indigo tint was the moment she knew she wanted Sol Azul to be only about indigo products designed by her and made by artisans.

Sol Azul dyes fabric with indigo dye, and creates apparel, bags, home décor from it. Sol Azul continues to grow and with it the women grow as well. Vanessa loves how every opportunity for Sol Azul is an opportunity for the female artisans to continue with supporting their families. They work with passion and they love what they do, they believe that every piece has to be specially made to fit the special person who will wear it.

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