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Pro Pueblo focuses on raising living standards, improving basic infrastructure, job training, employment and international marketing of high quality Ecuadorian artisan products. Pro Pueblo creates work opportunities, and encourages growth and independent livelihoods for local artisans in their home villages in Ecuador. They help women artisans produce handicrafts that allow them to work out of their home and care for their family. No two artisan handicrafts are identical.

In order to benefit as many artisans and segments of the population as possible, Pro Pueblo emphasizes the creation of products using a wide variety of materials, crafts, and artisan skill levels. All the handicrafts are made from natural materials like tagua, resulting in beautiful and unique color variations.

Artisans are offered support in areas where they usually lack expertise, logistics, or financial means. The foundation offers artisan financing for the purchase of small equipment and tools. Usually, financing is for six months with gradual payments deducted from the value of the delivered products. Due to the benefits of this business model, independent artisan groups working in their home villages continue to join Pro Pueblo's growing network of craftspeople.

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