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Oh Voilà is a unique range of jewelry and accessories, designed by Barbara Kasasa. All parts are locally produced in Cape Town, South Africa, and handmade by formerly underprivileged women who generate income for their families. Oh Voilà is using South Africa’s rich cultural heritage of the ShweShwe fabric in a contemporary, minimalistic way: Afro chic with Attitude.

Every item goes through the hands of many skilled South African artisans; whether it is the printing of the tubes, the casting and painting of the beads, the weaving of the ribbons, the stitching of the leather, the assembling of the separate items, the painting of the silk ribbons etc. It is a joint and passionately African effort to make a unique piece. Oh Voilà works directly with a team of dedicated women who are empowered to generate income for their families.

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