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Being fashionable is easy, relatively speaking. Being a trendsetter in addition to eco-conscious and socially responsible really ups the ante. Priscilla Njankou, designer and founder of Ma'mitons, is playing at the top of her game and as a result her fair-trade, sustainable raffia bags look smashing!

Priscilla's story is a bit of a fairy tale: she was born a Cameroonian princess in the village of Bangoulap and was given the nickname "Ma'mitons" in honor of her great-grandmother. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Priscilla looked for an idea that would, she says, "connect my culture to the rest of the world while preserving our planet Earth; by using natural resources and the know-how of artisans from Cameroon."

That is where the fairy tale ended, and her dreams came true. Her love of fashion and her understanding of the importance of raffia in central Africa add up to a successful and unique business venture featuring alluring purses, clutches, handbags, and beach totes in lightweight, durable, environmentally-friendly materials with fun, fresh touches. The best part is that the artisans who harvest, dye, weave, and sew the materials into bright, cheery designs are fairly paid, which enables them to improve their family's economic status. 

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