GreaterGood Giveaway FAQ

Why can't I submit my email?

Mobile Users - If you traveled to a giveaway page through the Facebook app on your mobile device then, there’s a chance you won’t be able to submit your email address. The Facebook app and the giveaway email submission form have trouble communicating with each other.

To fix this problem, the best course of action is to close out of the app and submit your email address through a web browser on your mobile phone or desktop computer.

Email Addresses- Some email addresses get denied when trying to submit them via the giveaway email submission form. Some reasons for this could include:

  • The email you are trying to use is a role based email address.
  • The email address you are trying to use contains four or fewer characters. Emails with four characters can be flagged as spam.
  • The email address you are trying to use contains only numbers. Emails with only numbers can be flagged as spam.

If your email address falls into any of these categories, please try submitting a different email into the giveaway email submission form.

Why do I need to pay for shipping?

The giveaway offers entrants the chance to win a Grand Prize, and just for entering everyone receives a free gift. When someone decides to support the giveaway they are choosing to support the causes they care about most.

When you make a purchase at one of the GreaterGood stores a portion of your purchase is donated to a charity in the cause you care most about. Just by selecting where you shop, you direct this donation to hunger and poverty relief, animal rescue, fighting breast cancer, or one of the other causes at GreaterGood.

Without these purchases and your support GreaterGood would not have been able to achieve its goal of donating over $50 million to charity since 1999!

What happens to my email address once I submit it?

Once you submit your email address through the giveaway page you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that you have signed up and it will include additional information regarding the giveaway. This information can also be found on the Giveaway Rules page.

You’ll receive a couple of emails over the course of the giveaway. Once the giveaway has concluded you will start receiving daily emails from the GreaterGood website’s email list that you signed up from.

These daily emails will consist of deals, information about our Click-to-Give program, and the latest news from the GreaterGood organization.

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. Each email comes with a link at the bottom of the page to manage your subscription.

What can I purchase with the shopping spree?

Reward certificates are redeemable in any of the GreaterGood stores and can be used to purchase any product with the exception of a gift certificate or a Gift That Gives More. Reward certificates have a one-time use and do not include the cost of shipping.