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Destiny Foundation, based in Kolkata, India, was founded with the mission to end slavery and sex trafficking through the economic empowerment of women. The Foundation comprises two divisions – Destiny, the charitable wing, and Reflection, the social business wing – which work in tandem with each other. Their aim is not simply to save young women from trafficking or sexual exploitation, but to make certain that they are not compelled to go back into the trade due to social and economic pressures.

To achieve that end, Destiny Reflection recruits women from shelter homes and brothels, giving them training and employment opportunity. All their employees have been subjected to trafficking or are at high risk of falling prey to it. Their social entrepreneurship program strives to provide girls from underprivileged and vulnerable backgrounds a steady means of employment. The women’s stint with the Foundation begins with on-the-job training conducted at Destiny, where they are taught stitching, and embroidery among other skills. Once adequately trained, they’re employed in Reflection, becoming a part of a formal work environment.

Their products are handmade by their employees – a variety of bags, fashion accessories, stationery items, kantha and household furnishings made from silk sari fabrics and block-printed organic cotton. Proceeds from the sale of these products support the Foundation’s activities and ensure a steady income for the employed women.Destiny Reflections has been able to restore 100 lives, employed 75 women and provide them with fair wages, housing, health care and medical insurance support.

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