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Craft Link Kenya operates as a fair trade market access organization, establishing social enterprise centers of excellence across the country. They provide production, marketing and financial training and services to small scale producers, today referred to as micro social entrepreneurs (MSEs), of fair trade hand made products and agriculture produce, to gain access to local and international markets.The enterprise also provides an enabling environment for women and youth to use sustainably sourced organic raw materials in their production. As a linking organization within the Kenya Federation of Alternative Trade, (KEFAT) which has over 150,000 members.

Craft Link plays a dual role of poverty alleviation and environmental conservation and currently supports over 4,000 artisans across Kenya. Craft Link is also supported by the independently operated ARTISAN LINK Investment program, aimed at facilitating the end of all malnutrition in Africa. This is accomplished by nations exporting surplus agricultural produce to neighboring countries as well as trade exports to your high street, as has been successfully shown in Malawi within only 4 years.

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