COVID-19 EMERGENCY: Animal Shelters Need Fosters & Supplies!

Cat In Need Of Foster Home
The COVID-19 pandemic has not only forced the world into uncertain and challenging times, but caused an increase in surrendered animals at shelters. Shelters were already seeing an influx due to puppy and kitten season and the additional pets has put them into crisis mode. Shelters are scrambling to find foster homes and supplies for all the homeless pets before it is too late. Homeless pets are now at risk of euthanasia because they have no place to go. We need emergency fosters nationwide who can bring a cat or dog home for 2—6 weeks to sign up. Together, we will ensure the safety and security of pets at risk in communities that are hardest hit.
Many shelters have foster pet delivery or low contact pick up as available options. Please sign up today and we will connect your information with a shelter in your area. As soon as there is a need, you'll hear from the shelter directly to finish the process. It's EASY, and it makes a difference. Plus, it has been proven that dogs and cats lower our stress levels and, amid all the craziness in the world right now, who couldn’t use a little more pet therapy?
Not everyone can foster. There are other ways to help!
Dog Waiting For A Foster
Many foster heroes have already stepped forward to house orphaned dogs & cats in this time of need, but some rescue groups are unable to afford food & essential items and still risk not being able to save all the pets in their care!
Sponsor A Foster Care Kit
Urgent: Shelters Closing Due To Coronavirus -- Help Pets Now
As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread across the country, animal shelters are beginning to shutter their doors or close to the public. The time to help is now—make a donation that will save lives. The window of opportunity is closing to help shelters evacuate their pets into foster care before it’s too late.
Help Overwhelmed Animal Shelters
Pet Supplies From The Animal Rescue Site
To show love & support for foster heroes, we're offering 15% off all pet supplies with code LUVFOSTERS so pet fosters and those willing to foster can get what they need. Plus, each order with this code will give a free extra donation to help fund supplies for struggling rescue groups.
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