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Founded in 1998, The Chimpanzee Trust has become a leading organization in the areas of chimpanzee-focused environmental conservation, excellence in the care & welfare of rescued chimpanzees, increased public awareness of broader conservation issues with the chimpanzee as a key flagship species, and engagement with communities living alongside chimpanzee populations.

In 2007, Chimpanzee Trust expanded their work to support communities of private forest owners living alongside wild chimpanzees, so they could begin to benefit from their proximity and as a result, value the chimpanzee’s existence in their forests. We now have active field projects in the Hoima, Kibale, Masindi and Buliisa districts of the Albertine Rift in Western Uganda.

One of the objectives is Community Development. They facilitate approaches to alternative sources of income for forest owners and women. They include beekeeping, handcraft making, poultry and piggery, as well as establishment, training and exposure of frontline forest communities in vegetable growing and tree nursery establishment and management.

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