$75 Million Donated

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It takes a special community to raise $75 million for charity. Thank you for being part of ours.

Thank You For

$75 Million in Donations

Since 1999, GreaterGood has been working to create simple, online actions to connect people to causes and help them make a meaningful impact, in local communities and around the globe. In that time, together we've raised $75 million dollars for many charitable causes that provide aid to people, pets, and our beautiful planet.

Our Impact Over The Years

Together we've made a positive impact in the world
OVER $800K Raised for Ukraine Relief

Raised to provide every-day essentials and support for both human and pet refugees affected by the war in Ukraine. Help Send Aid

$223,376 Buy a Pair Give a Pair Program

Raised with your help to supply shoes to those who need it most, through women's shelters, veteran's organizations, and schools. Shop With Code GIVEAPAIR or Donate Here

$314,400 Care Packs For Homeless Veterans & Their Pets

Thanks to you, $314,400 was used to help provide homeless veterans and their pets with care packs containing critical items such as clothes, hygiene kits, and blankets. Provide Supplies Today

4,601,239 Masks Delivered to the Frontline

Masks have been delivered to our frontline heroes thanks to your generous contributions, keeping millions, safe during the pandemic. Learn More

Shop to Give

We make shopping for good, simple. You choose the cause. We donate. Together, change happens.
People, Pets, Planet
Animal Rescue
Breast Cancer Research
Veteran Services
Hunger Relief
Rainforest Conservation
Alzheimer's Research
Autism Therapies
Diabetes Research
Literacy Programs

Changing Lives Together

For Mothers & Their Newborns

For over 10 years GreaterGood has funded the Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand. Many mothers in this area lack access to affordable medical care and infant mortality rates are five times higher than the rest of Thailand, but donations are changing that and saving the lives of countless mothers and newborns. With the help of your generous contributions, we have been able to support the Mae Tao Clinic through some difficult years with $1,889,275 in funding.

Help Sponsor The Safe Birth Of A Child

Find Out More

A care giver at the Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand helps a child walk on an educational mat
A mother holds her child while a doctor conducts a wellness exam
A Beautiful Artisan Partnership

Our collaboration with Sarc is one of our most coveted Artisan relationships, with every purchase of their unique creations supporting over 3,000 artisans and their families in more than 25 villages.

Artisan women work on creating garments
An artisan poses with a GreaterGood product buyer
Two artisan women sit on steps outside of the Sarc artisan facility

With your daily actions and contributions, we've made over $52,700,000 million in payments to artisans and artisan groups for fairly traded and hand-crafted products, to help build economic opportunity in communities around the world.

Support Artisans & Their Communities

Artisan stamps used in pattern making
An artisan sits at a sowing machine while handmaking a garment
A large metal vat filled with natural dye and garments
Over 4 Million Masks Donated

Supplying our frontline heroes with the personal protection they need to do the necessary work that holds our communites together. Your contributions have helped and will continue to help fund the delivery of masks to those who need it most. Learn More

Frontline medical workers pose while wearing donated medical-grade masks
A veterinarian wearing a medical mask uses medical equipment to treat a chimpanzie
A shelter volunteer wearing a mask poses with a cat
A food worker wearing personal protective equipment while moving produce
Refugee Aid In Ukraine

Partnering with a local food bank in Poland, food is being provided to refugees, both human and pet, who have been affected by the war in Ukraine. Temporary pet shelters have been set up to take in stray pets from Ukraine and get them adopted into safe and loving homes across Europe.

Read More | Provide For Ukraine

A man carries two small dogs through the streets of Ukraine
A woman and teen make their way through rubble and car wreckage in Ukraine

A Helping Hand For Our Furry Friends

Animals patiently wait in crates to be loaded into a plane inside a hangar
Volunteers pose outside of a plane set to fly rescue animals to shelters
Volunteers load pet carriers into a plane
A family poses with their new rescue pet
Flights To Freedom & Operation Sunflower

Flights To Freedom has been a part of GreaterGood for 5 years and, thanks to your generosity, has allowed us to save the lives of thousands of at-risk shelter pets and place them in fur-ever loving homes. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, Operation Sunflower boarded nearly 100 abandoned cats and dogs onto an emergency flight to safety. Help Fly Pets to Freedom

A rescue dog, known as Mr. Stewart Iggy Sunflower, looks at the camera while a person holds a sunflower just behind him

Among these pets, there was a particular pup, who was given the name Mr. Stewart Iggy Sunflower. Stewart showed visual signs of physical abuse but still managed to retain the sweetest and sunniest of dispositions, hence his fondly appointed "Sunflower" title and the name of the operation. Read More

Improving Lives One Shelter At A Time

5,000 shelter pets and 2,000 people thank you for all of your help. Since 2007, Rescue Rebuild has been using donations to rebuild shelters and change the lives of the pets and people who call them home.

A Rescue Rebuild voltuneer nuzzles her forehead against a cat's
A man painting an animal shelter's ceiling
The Rescue Rebuild truck and trailer parked in a lot
A groupd of Rescue Rebuild volunteers pose outside with a large wooden dog bone

None of this would be possible without the work of dedicated volunteers and the charitable support of GreaterGood's giving community. Learn more about Rescue Rebuild's live-saving work here. Help Shelter More Animals.

Protecting Planet Earth & All Her Children

Rescue & Rehabilitate

The 2019 wildfires in Australia ravaged over 42 million acres of land. With your generous contributions, GreaterGood was able to help fund animal protection organizations such as RSPCA Qld, HSI, and Science for Wildlife in their effort to rescue and rehabilitate injured and displaced wildlife.

A young koala on a branch at a wildlife sanctuary

Aisley and Rupert, a mother-son pair of koalas, were rescued from the wildfires and treated for significant burns to their paw pads, but still had no home to return to. With your donations, extended shelter was provided to Australia's precious wildlife as they waited for their forests to heal. Read More

Feeding Our Planet's Pollinators

According to the USDA, one out of every three bites of food in the United States depends on honey bees and other pollinators. The importance of this single species to our agriculture and economy is truly astounding. After Hurricane Michael destroyed three million acres of forest in the Florida Panhandle, the local bee population was in serious danger.

Two men work to introduce bees into a large metal drum that will serve as their hive
A close up of bees in a wooden hive
Bees coming and goes from the openning of a large metal drum

Your contributions have been supporting recovery effort through GreaterGood Charities' programs to help deliver tanks full of syrup to feed tens of thousands of bees, as well as 38,000 pounds of bee pollen to save the queens. Help Save Our Bees

Bees coming and goes from the openning of a large metal drum
Habitat Preservation
A guanaco in its natural habitat

Rainforest Trust is a non-profit dedicated to creating reserves to save endangered wildlife and protect the planet. With your help, we have been able to support a special reserve in the Himalayas, where the endangered Red Panda resides. In addition to habitat preservation, we also fund discovery expeditions.

In the Madrean Archipelago the goal is to document the phenomenal biodiversity of the Sonoran Sky Islands. The first step in conservation is the studying and recording of a region's flora and fauna. Without this critical step, a region's plants and animals cannot be accurately protected. Help Preserve Our Planet

A jaguar in its natural environment
Project Peril

Project Peril is a Greater Good Charities program dedicated to the conservation of species identified as in peril throughout the world. With your donations, we have helped them raise over $3,000,000 in grants to protect animals across 5 continents, including Mongolian Snow Leopards.

A snow leopard lies on a rock, looking directly at the viewer

The number of Snow Leopards has severely declined due to habitat loss, illegal poaching, and retaliatory killing when livestock is threatened. Project Peril helps to compensate families who lose livestock to Snow Leopards and help build predator-proof corrals to deter further killing of these majestic felines.

Read More | More Ways to Supprt

Let's Do More Good

Fair trade farmers work to setup metal posts for harvesting their crops
Gifts That Give More™

100% of the donation you contribute through the Gift That Gives More™ program is given to GreaterGood.org to be used directly for the donation selected.

Give Today

A spotted lizard resting near a rock
Benefit Buy Program

Care packs of essential supplies sent directly to our charitable partners to get to those who need it most.

Provide Help

A male lion looking in the distance

Take Action—sign a petition. From animal rights to health care access to habitat protection, make sure your voice is heard.

Sign a Petition

Click To Give — It's Free!

Thank you to our community of dedicated clickers that have contributed to a total of 5,026,445,083 clicks. Your care and determination is what has helped us reach this $75 Million to Charity milestone. We are so grateful to have you as a major part of our giving! Make your free click today

154,553,889 CLICKS The Hunger Site Est. 1999
1,503,628,017 CLICKS The Animal Rescue Site Est. 2002
581,011,839 CLICKS The Rainforest Site Est. 2002
1,025,569,517 CLICKS The Breast Cancer Site Est. 2002
265,888,394 CLICKS The Veterans Site Est. 2004
444,366,404 CLICKS The Literacy Site Est. 2004
204,088,516 CLICKS The Autism Site Est. 2011
154,553,889 CLICKS The Diabetes Site Est. 2013
154,553,889 CLICKS The Alzheimer's Site Est. 2013
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“I am incredibly humbled by our amazing customers and staff who have collectively enabled us to reach this milestone. With your help, small actions can have big impacts.”

- Tim Kunin, CEO of GreaterGood
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