Bond Between Sisters Necklace


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The bond between sisters is unbreakable, illuminated by our powerful necklace made of polished mixed metals in Mexico. Handcrafted with care, the solid design is symbolic of the everlasting love and devotion you share among your most cherished siblings.

  • Mixed metals
  • 2 Sisters: approximately 1" H x 0.5" W (2.5 x 1.3 cm)
    3 Sisters: approximately 1" H x 0.75" W (2.5 x 1.9 cm)
    4 Sisters: approximately 1.25" H x 0.75" W (3.2 x 1.9 cm)
    5 Sisters: approximately 1.2" H x 1" W (3 x 2.5 cm)
    6 Sisters: approximately 1.2" H x 1" W (3 x 2.5 cm)
  • 18" L (45.7 cm) chain included
  • Handmade in & fairly traded from Mexico

About Far Fetched

What began as a small jewelry company operated from a camper over thirty years ago has blossomed into an international fair-trade jewelry wholesaler...If that sounds a little far-fetched--well, actually, it is!

Far Fetched Jewelry is known for designing fun, creative, and heartfelt accessories rich in culture and craft from their Sonoma County, California studio. Cuervo Metal, using traditional techniques in small home workshops, has crafted those designs in the same artist community in central Mexico for over 30 years.

One artisan at Cuervo Metal, Maria de la Luz Flores, started working for the organization after her husband, a craftsman with the company, died in a car accident. The co-founder of Cuervo Metal, Carlos Torres, offered free training and loans to help. For almost nine years, she has worked from her home workshop while raising two young children, Jesus and Juanito. "I would not have been able to make it without the classes that Cuervo Metal and Far Fetched Jewelry gave me," Maria says. "I am very proud to be a part of these two great companies."

The vital collaboration between designers and artisans keeps Far Fetched Jewelry's work fresh and socially aware. Because of their commitment to using conscientious business practices with the intention of being a positive influence in our world, Far Fetched Jewelry joined the GreaterGood family in November 2014.

As they head into a new era, Far Fetched Jewelry's goal continues to be "to collaborate and give back through an array of programs that assist both the artisans and their families." When you buy items that are produced by fair-trade artisans like those at Cuervo Metal for Far Fetched Jewelry, you are contributing by providing fair wages, supporting safe and healthy workplaces, supplying capacity for growth, respecting cultural identity, and countless other positive aspects.

That's what fair-trade is all about--which isn't so far-fetched after all!

Customer Reviews

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Gave these to my granddaughters for Christmas

Bought them for my 2 granddaughters & they loved them! They both are sensitive to different metals in jewelry, so I replaced the chains with sterling silver ones. I coated the 2 Sisters pendants with clear nail polish since the description doesn't state type of metal they're made from. They're beautiful & something they will have forever!! Very well made & should last a lifetime. Also showed them to friends who bought them for them & their sisters! Sisters are together forever & my only sibling, my Sis, passed away 20 months ago :( She's always with me & I wear my sisters necklace all the time ♥️

Wonderful to share with your sisters

I purchased these for my 4 sisters as gifts for our annual sister trip. They were a hit. When I saw my sisters in the summer they were all sporting the pins in different manners on their purses, totes, and one on her medicine bag. Very nice quality pieces.

A Bond Between Sisters Is So True

My Sisters said the love their necklaces. I have four sisters and I gave them their necklaces at Family Reunion we normally have since my mother's death. I wear mine and people are always asking where did I get it. I tell them The Greater Good and Breast Cancer website. I also bout a necklace with two sisters and it was for my Best Friend and she loved it more than I could ever imagine. She doesn't have a sister and once we became friends 36 years ago we were sisters. They are a little small for women my size because I'm a plus size. I still wear them both and they still look good. The best thing about them is they help Breast Cancer patients.

I was surprised

Yes surprised, after wearing it at different times, I noticed t he chain looked tarnished,so I cleaned it with a mild jewelry cleaner. Disappointed 😞

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