Charming Paws Galore™ Purse

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Our tote bag proves that you can take it with you -- and still keep in fashion! A fun faux-leather purse features different sizes and colors of paw prints against a soft brown background. There's plenty of space for an afternoon city adventure or an entire day out on the town!

  • Faux leather
  • Large handles with adjustable buckles
  • Zippered interior side pocket, a small interior pocket, and a zippered divider
  • 4 metal "feet" on the underside for stability
  • 8" H x 12" L x 4.25" W (20.3 x 30.5 x 10.5 cm)
  • Imported
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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful purse it's perfect !

My mom bought this beautiful paws 🐾 Galore purse 👜 for me for Christmas ⛄🎄⛄🎄 2020, I used it the first day that it was delivered I love ❤️ it and I have a lot of purses and this is my favorite one + making the purchase helped feed 71 shelter animals and I absolutely 💞 love the fact that I have something that not only I love because I love animals I have loved ❤️ animals and have had animals kitty 🐈 cats my entire life my mom and grandma got both my brother our first kitty 🐈 cats adopted kitty 🐈 cats from the shelter in San Ramon, Ca when I was just 4 years 10 months old my brother was 5 yrs 11 months, he was just about to turn 6 years old so we know all about the first kitty 🐈 cats names we had were Presley 8 weeks old, male kitty 🐈 cat and then Perscilla female) kitty cat 🐈 8 weeks old we had Perscilla from December 1990 she was 3 months old when they brought her home to us okay so December 1990- February 7th, 2010 she was our beautiful little 5 pound kitty 🐈 cat family cat mostly loved being with my grandma about 99.99 percent of the time sleeping 💤😴 on her mamas chest, lap, shoulder's, stomach she was 23 yrs 5 months old when she passed away we miss her so very much she was born in September of 1990 because Perscilla was 8-12 weeks old when my grandma and mom brought her home 🏡 as a Christmas gift 🎁🎁 for my brother and I, and then Presley sadly well ran away when my brother and I were 11& 12 so when we moved into our very first house 🏡 that we lived in from summer 1998- to the beginning to the middle of January 2005, anyway then there was Lulu bellerina and jackson both lived for 17& a half years jackson born April 10th 2001- August 4th 2017 & 6 months 5 days later on January 9th 2018 made the hardest decision to put Lulu bellerina down because she was in such severe pain due to kidney infection/failure same with jackson she had Kidney failure poor fur baby Lulu and jackson are sisters at birth and I have a kitty 🐈 cat that I rescued on 1-10-2018 day after my Lulu bellerina passed away, she was a street rescue for the 2nd time) name was goldie changed it right away to Lily fur baby she was born on May 1rst 2017, rescued her at 8 months old, she was fixed at 9 months old she's my everything my little 💕 bug fur baby girl she will be 3 years old on May 1rst, 2021. Anyways here is my beautiful purse 🐾 paws Galore it's got a ton of room love it I really really do 💕 love it, + I love buying. Anything from this website and also at iheartcats because it's helping shelter animals, and I will help with shelter animals for as long as I live I am taking care of 6 outside kitty 🐈 cats Nala, Willy, Puss, Boots twin girls almost 10 months old turning a year old in March March 19th 2021, and then King 👑 arthur 9 months old, Nala puss, boots, and King arthur's fur baby mama, turns 3 years old May 10th, 2021 and Willy wonka well she is our fur baby kitty 🐈 cat she's loving living the outside kitty 🐈 cat anyways, she will be 10 yrs old in March this year 2021.
Date: 1-5-2021 time: 12:26 pm

Good purse

I love these purses probably the 3rd or 4th one I bought but I love the old style much better that had two straps. Hope they bring that back.


Love purse except the sides cracked and peeled after a year

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