Crisis in Ukraine: Send Aid Now

Crisis in Ukraine: Send Aid Now

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Attacks in Ukraine are intensifying - Help Now

March 2023 --

Volleys of Russian missiles frequently strike Ukrainian cities at all hours of the day and night. Many of these attacks target Ukrainian electrical power plants. The people and pets of Ukraine are suffering, and Greater Good Charities is committed to funding hot meals and distributing meals kits, blankets, and other supplies in eastern Ukraine. Your ongoing support is critical.

Recently GreaterGood and our non-profit partners, inclduing Siobhan's Trust and Greater Good Charities, were able to feed and offer assistance to first responders in the aftermath of a Russian rocket attack on an apartment building in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. Give now and help fund these efforts.

February 2023 --

It has officially been over 1 year since Russia began their brutal invasion of Ukraine, and Ukrainians are still struggling to survive. The UN estimates that over 13 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes and have now become internally displaced people (IDPs).. Many of hese men, women, children, and their pets have spent months living in fear, worrying that each day could be their last. With winter now looming over them and Russian attacks targeting electrical power plants, survivors need your help now more than ever.

Help provide nourishing meals and critical supplies to people and animals fleeing from attack in Ukraine. Greater Good Charities is on the ground in Ukraine -- your gift today can have a direct impact for Ukrainian families and pets tomorrow.

Since the Fall of 2022, Greater Good Charities has directly distributed over 900,000 humanitarian meals to families living in recently liberated areas of East Ukraine as part of our winter relief kit distributions. These kits include warm blankets, hygiene supplies, and pet food, along with ingredients to make 80 meals. These distributions continue today.

Greater Good Charities has also established warehouse distribution partners in Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Moldova and secured a permanent warehouse in Poland. With your help, we continue to provide funding and supplies to help distribute nourishing meals at border crossings for refugees fleeing Ukraine and at shelters and camps for those who remain in the country.

Greater Good Charities has directly supported partners helping hundreds of thousands of displaced people in Ukraine and refugees fleeing to neighboring countries. We have funded over 9.5 million meals distributed through local partners and food banks.

>With your help, we’ve taken care of not just people, but pets as well. We are providing more than 31.6 million meals to pets of internally displaced Ukrainians, pets fleeing to neighboring countries with their families, and pets in overcrowded animal shelters in Ukraine.

The people and pets of Ukraine still need YOU; we can’t do any of this without your support. Your emergency donation is a beacon of hope and will go directly to aid people and pets of Ukraine during their time of greatest need. Give today.

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every little bit helps

I can't do much, but if giving even $10 a month (once $20/once $40) can provide these struggling people some hope and comfort, I will continue to do this. Thank you for providing what I feel is a secure way to contribute and feel confident the $$$ are getting to where they are most needed.

Thank You So Much to a Most Generous Person!

I have been looking for a charity that I can be sure is legit & will use my donation in the best possible way. I am particularly interested in getting help to the animals that were left behind to fend for themselves in Ukraine & the wonderful people that stayed behind to look after them. As a huge animal lover, my heart breaks for them the most. I just read about the most generous donor who is matching donations x10 & because of that, I knew immediately that this is where my donation has to go. I send my heartfelt thanks to this anonymous person.

Help for Ukraine

I'm so glad you are doing what you can to help with the horrendous suffering from this war. I'm so glad I can help with your efforts; I feel helpless on my own!

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