Disaster Aid Emergency Kits

Disaster Aid Emergency Kits

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You can make a difference by sending the gift of a Benefit Buy, which send supplies and goods, to those who need it most.

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You can make a difference by sending the gift of a Benefit Buy, which send supplies and goods, to those who need it most.

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As natural disasters occur it's critical that GreaterGood can send supplies to people who are in desperate need. Having disaster aid kits on hand gives the opportunity to help right away when a disaster occurs, or down the line as the area recovers. These kits can help in situations like the Maui wildfires, hurricane Idalia or other natural events. When disaster aid kits are in stock it helps GreaterGood be prepared for when a new disaster strikes, and provide support as quickly as possible. Each kit that is purchased makes a difference for people during their hardest and darkest times!

Disasters can strike at any time. Mother Nature wreaks havoc every year in different parts of the United States, from hurricanes, tornados, floods, to fires and droughts. Caught in the middle of these disasters are people trying to survive, hoping loved ones aren't in harms way, and trying to save their pets and home. Amidst the chaos of the disaster and then the aftermath as clean up, salvaging and rebuilding begins there are several items that everyone could use.

With our friends at Greater Good Charities, we'll make sure these kits are sent to the people in the places who need the most assistance.

You can help by sending a Mini KitThis kit includes a small first aid kit, a flashlight with a battery and a mylar blanket. 

  • The mini first aid is a must have before, after and during an emergency. Filled with bandages, alcohol pads for cleaning, and several non-adhesive pads in a small carrying case.
  • The flashlight is ready to go with a battery and a small carrying handle. In most disasters power will be lost - give people the gift of light on on of the their darkest nights.
  • A mylar blanket will also be sent which can be used to reduce body heat loss, for emergency shelter use, protection from weather, a reflective distress signal if needed, or a protective wrap for those who have been in an accident or are in shock. The blanket is lightweight and compact so it's easy to always have on hand. 

Another option is to send a Mega Kit of emergency supplies to people in distress. 

  • Like the Mini Kit, the Mega kit includes a mini first aid kit, a mylar blanket, and a flashlight as does the mini kit but it also includes several other key items.
  • A pack of body wipes. After a disaster it might be hard to access water for cleaning having these on hand to cleanse the body of dirt and grime of what's happened can give people a bit of relief. The wipes are also good for wiping away injured ares, or glasses in desperate times.
  • A fleece blanket, the blanket provides warmth and comfort for loved ones who might be in shock or just cold after a night without power.
  • A pair of socks, it might sound odd but wet feet are no joke - and a fresh pair of socks can provide a clean and more comfortable feeling.
  • A reusable water bottle, is very important to have on hand to keep clean drinking water with them as wait out a storm or traveling to safer location.
  • Dish detergent sink packets, these help to ensure that what few dishes or utensils a person is using daily stay clean and ready to use - the smallest things can make the biggest impact - having a clean dish is something that is taken for granted.

Other important information:

  • You will not receive a shipment from this purchase. We will facilitate the donation directly with qualifying organizations your behalf.
  • You will be charged all required taxes for your location. Save your receipt and consult your tax professional to determine if you're able to claim this purchase as a tax-deductible donation expense.
  • GreaterGood has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of Benefit Buy contributions based upon what the receiving organization needs the most. We will always contribute products of equal or greater value. Contributions may be distributed as cash or may be used to help other charity partners depending on the greatest need.
  • GreaterGood is proud to help provide this opportunity to help people in need. We are 20 Years Strong, and we couldn't have done it without your support--thank you!
You will not receive a shipment from this product. We will deliver your product purchase directly to the shelter recipient on your behalf.
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