Glass Wasp Trap

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Bring peace of mind to your outdoor gatherings with a beautiful and reusable wasp trap that's a green alternative to pesticides and other preventative measures. Bait with sweetened fruit juice or a small piece of meat (not included), and wasps and yellowjackets fly in and are unable to escape the funnel shape of the bottom of the bottom tunnel -- while helpful bees remain uninterested!

Instructions for use: Remove cork; tip trap to the side. Pour about 1/8 cup sugar-water, soda, or place a small chunk of meat into the opening and replace cork. Hang or place filled trap away from people.

Instructions for catch-and-release use: Remove cork; place a small piece of meat or apple slice at bottom of trap and replace cork. Place trap away from people. After trap has become filled with wasps, remove cork away from human activity to allow their safe escape back to their nest, taking care to cover your exposed skin to avoid bites and stings.

  • Glass, metal, & cork
  • 5.25" H x 3.5" diameter (13.3 x 8.9 cm)
  • Imported

Customer Reviews

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Glass Wasp Trap

Even if it doesn't catch any it looks great on my porch!

Glass Wasp Trap

Love the quality of these traps and they look really nice. I haven't tried them out fully but I think they will will work out nicely.

Glass Wasp Trap

Heavy glass and shaped just right. Follow the directions and it really works for me.

Glass Wasp Trap

We just got our trap Saturday, hung it up yesterday and in a hour we had 2 wasp inside. They are there this morning dead. I used a couple drops of honey and water. I want to order more however I see they are out of stock. I'll keep an eye out we have a lot of wasp and they are just starting to come out with the warm weather.

Glass Wasp Trap

they look lovely bought two the green and orange and they look lovely just hanging there on the tree

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