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Guatemalan Worry No More Doll
Forever in My Heart Paw Print Ornament
Moonlight Cats Recycled Glass Night Light
Be The Change Bounty Bag
Guatemalan Worry Doll Paper Clips - Set of 6
Dog Recycled Glass Night Light
Papier-Mache Small Map Bowl
Cultivate Kindness Pouch
Hand-Crocheted Ball Ornaments - Set of 3
Kenyan Beaded Heart Ornament
No Bones About It Armenian Knit Stocking
Sleeping Hedgehog Recycled Glass Night Light
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Peacock Recycled Glass Night Light
Hand-Painted Mediterranean Stoneware Serving Bowl
  Lightning Sale!   
Hand-Painted Mediterranean Mug
Hand-Carved Mediterranean Wood Bowl
  Lightning Sale!   
Egyptian Museum Pink Ribbon Gold Glass Ornament
Egyptian Museum Pink Ribbon Etched Glass Ornament
Egyptian Museum Camel Glass Ornament
Dove Recycled Glass Ornament
Kenyan Soapstone Love Elephant
Handmade Pine Needle Petite Flower Bowl
Handmade Pine Needle Flower Bowl
Handmade Copper Wire Fruit
Haitian Heart Ornament
Divine Milk Chocolate Bar with Toffee & Sea Salt
Explorer Journal
Explorer Journal
$ 7.99 $ 10.00
Neem Wood Pencils - Set of 5
Himalayan Handwoven Table Runner
Go Fish Armenian Knit Stocking
Guatemalan Spiced Coffee Cup Warmer
Ngurunit Nomadic Striped Camel Milking Basket
Ngurunit Nomadic Beaded Camel Milking Basket
Only 3 left!
Brass Fulani Ornament
Brass Fulani Ornament
From $ 18.95
Kenyan Beaded Pencil Pot
Blue Butterfly Recycled Glass Night Light
Fox Love Recycled Glass Night Light
Lion Love Recycled Glass Night Light
Hippo Love Recycled Glass Night Light
Haiti Desk Dishes Set
Papier-Mache Tribal Print Bowl
Papier-Mache Two-Tone ShweShwe Bowl
Papier-Mache Mini Stars & Sardines Bowl
Papier-Mache Small Shweshwe Bowl
Papier-Mache Chicken Bowl
Dream On Little Dreamer Banner
Do Small Things Banner
Love Courageously Banner
58 results
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