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 Bears need your help to escape abuse and illegal ownership to have the freedom they deserve.

*$72,250 raised! $12,750 to go!*

There are over 3,000 bears in the United States that are in illegal or abusive situations outside of the public zoo system. Most are in terrible road side zoos, or used in small traveling animal acts. Many other bears are kept in breeding facilities held by single private owners. Since these bears have been illegally owned by humans, they wouldn't survive if let back into the wild. They are in desperate need for protected, wide open spaces to have a second chance at freedom. The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado has space for these bears, but needs an enclosure to be constructed before they can be rescued.

That's where's Rescue Rebuild program comes in. With your help, we plan to build a 300 acre enclosure that will provide space for 100 rescued abused bears - giving them the ability to roam free instead of being trapped in small cages with concrete floors. It costs just $850 per bear to be able to provide them with the space they will need, and Rescue Rebuild is determined to make this happen.

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With your help, we can change the lives of 100 bears like Fifi (pictured right). Fifi, a female Syrian Brown Bear was rescued from a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania where she had lived in a small concrete and steel-bared cage for 32 years. 

Her owner had purchased Fifi and another male Syrian brown bear named Bruno when they were cubs and spent years training them to do tricks.  When they failed to perform, he purchased two Black Bear cubs for the same reason, but they too refused to perform.  

Eventually, the man decided to open a roadside zoo in order to make money from displaying all 4 bears, but his small attraction failed and his backyard display closed in 1995.  The man tried to give the Bears away when he and his wife began selling everything on their farm, but our Sanctuary rescued  Fifi and her cage mates, who are now very happy and enjoying their new life living and playing in large acreage habitats.

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Rescue Rebuild is providing these bears with wide open land where they will be happy to roam and to live the typical life of a bear. We want to provide a better living situation for these bears, and we can't do it without you

You can help. Your donation to Rescue Rebuild ensures that bears will have a fighting chance to live out their lives with room to roam, and to live a happier and fuller life. You can provide illegally trapped bears the freedom they deserve. Help us reach our goal of $85,000 to save 100 bears. Without you, we can’t make this project a reality. Donate today! 

Rescue Rebuild is a program of whose mission is to provide aid to shelters in order to improve the lives of animals by participating in outreach trips, collecting supplies for shelters and educating the public on proper animal care.

100% of your Gift That Gives More™ donation will go as a charitable gift to GreaterGood stores pay the credit card transaction fee, so every cent of your donation goes to charity. has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of its funds. All expenditures made are consistent with the exempt purposes of
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