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You can help rescued racing greyhounds get adopted!

Since China has banned greyhound racing, 500 greyhound ex-racers from the Canidrome track in Macau are in desperate need of new homes.  An international effort to transport these greyhounds to rescue organizations around the world has been initiated. partners with Greyhound Adoption Center (GAC), taking a leading role to assist in an airlift operation to get over 300 dogs to rescue organizations in the west. 42 of these deserving dogs came directly to Greyhound Adoption Center's shelter in El Cajon, California, where the transformation from race dog to beloved pet begins. 

Many track dogs arrive at the Greyhound Adoption Center shelter with numerous health issues including dental disease, parasites, and anemia. The dogs from China have some unique issues, and it would be irresponsible to place these dogs in homes without thorough vetting and treatment. In addition to loving care, all essential veterinary treatment will be provided to all the dogs from Macau, including complete dental care, special blood tests, medications, and supplemental nutrition.

You can help. Just $15 can help provide transportation, food, shelter and medical care. You can give a greyhound a second chance to be a free and loved dog. 

The Mission of Greyhound Adoption Center (GAC) is to find loving homes for rescued track greyhounds and greyhound mixes. The program focuses on each dog’s wellbeing, providing quality medical care and TLC as they transition to forever homes. The Greyhound Adoption Center (GAC) ensures that each dog is well matched to its new family. Transportation, food, shelter and medical care — often including extensive surgeries for broken legs sustained on the track — is covered by donations from greyhound lovers, occasional grants and public contributions. Many dogs are housed in cage-free modules complete with air conditioning and dog runs. The dogs socialize with people, other dogs, cats and children, all in an effort to assess their behavior via our expert profilers. Trained adoption representatives profile each dog and each adopter to find the right fit.

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