Give Mr. P a Bright New Beginning

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Mr. P needs your help again, so he can finally heal and find a family to give him the loving home he deserves!

Funds raised over the goal amount helps provide medical care to other shelter pets in need.


About Mr. P:
  • Location: Magnolia, TX
  • Breed: Goffin Cockatoo
  • Shelter: Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary
  • Best Traits: Funny and Social
  • Medical Problem: Damaged Beak
  • Treatment: Surgery and Physical Therapy

    Mr. P is a 19-year-old Goffin Cockatoo. Parrots are intelligent, social birds that crave attention, but sadly Mr. P's first family couldn't give that to him, instead leaving him isolated and lonely. He was relinquished to Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary, but before he can find the forever family to give him the fresh beginning he deserves, he needs treatment to fix his beak.

    Mr. P arrived at the sanctuary with his beak in bad shape — there was a sore on the inside of his cheek, and he had been eating through the side of his beak to work around it. He underwent months of laser treatment to fix the wound, but after little improvement, a Micro CT Scan revealed massive scar tissue, an extra bone, and an old infection. He had surgery in hopes of fixing the issue, but the surgery to remove his scar tissue just caused more to build up.

    In order to give Mr. P back the use of his beak, he must now undergo another surgery, followed by injections and physical therapy to prevent new scar tissue from building up and continuing to lock his jaw in place.

    You can help! Your donation will help Mr. P to finally recover and find a home to give him the life he deserves!


    Mr. P underwent a successful surgery to help fix his beak, but he needs your help with physical therapy, so he can build new strength and flexibility. Mr. P loves games—he's even learning how to play catch! For so many years, he couldn't play at all. It's a joy to see him now: 

    Mr. P still needs your help to get better. Because he lived with a broken beak for so many years, it will take time for him to heal. With your donations, we can support his physical therapy to ensure his beak doesn't develop painful scar tissue again. You can help make sure Mr. P will be happy for years to come.

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