Madrean Discovery: Save the Sonoran Sky Islands


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Help study and protect the Sierra Chivatos—a biodiversity hotspot that is home to the threatened Jaguar.
We need YOUR help to make this expedition a reality.


The Sierra Chivatos is a small Sky Island mountain range located in Sonora, Mexico where jaguars, ocelots, golden eagles, tiger salamanders, and the American beaver live. The jaguar has seen significant habitat loss largely due to logging, poaching, and pollution. The Sierra Chivato is an important part of the corridor for jaguars and ocelots to reach Arizona. Jaguars and ocelots have been photographed southwest of the Sierra Chivato.

In Arizona, jaguars have been seen along the Santa Cruz and in the various mountains that border the river. Today, they’re on the endangered species list. Jaguars and Ocelots call the Sierra Chivatos home — which is why it's so important for us to protect them and their habitat now, before they're gone forever.

In the Spring of 2019, a group of over 50 biologists from Mexico and the United States visited the Sierra Chivatos on a groundbreaking expedition to collect a biological inventory of this unstudied location and the rare and exotic creatures that live there. Over the course of a week, this group collected records of plants and animals and created a detailed biological inventory that will be used to protect this incredible land. The team also set wildlife cameras throughout the area to collect additional photographic records. Now, we need your help to process the data to set conservation priorities.

Madrean Discovery Expeditions, a signature program of, is ready to do what we can to protect endangered species and environments. Twice a year, a uniquely qualified group of scientists, land managers, students, photographers, and more, split roughly equally between Mexican and North American nationals, embarks on a multi-day expedition to one of the understudied Sky Island mountain ranges in Sonora. This information is then stored in an open-source database for the world to share, study, and use to preserve these unique ecosystems forever.

This important work can only happen with your help. Your support will allow more work to be done, more records to be collected, and ultimately, more plants and animals protected.


Help protect the jaguars and ocelots before it's too late. Donate today to fund our expedition!


Madrean Discovery Expeditions is a Signature Program of whose mission is to explore, study, and protect the Madrean Archipelago in Sonora, Mexico. All biodiversity observations made during the expeditions to these unique ecosystems are stored in an open-source database, used for conservation, research, and education.

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