Help Save Wolves in the American West!


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Give wolves room to roam.

Throughout America, wolves and related species cross paths with humans across bustling cities, idyllic farmland, and serene wilderness. These keystone carnivores help to maintain a healthy ecosystem from top to bottom; however, the potential for conflict with people is increasing. Over one-half of the 2.3 billion acres of U.S. lands is used in agriculture, and developed areas are expanding across the country.  Sadly, as wildlife habitat shrinks a “shoot, shovel and shut up” approach is still the norm when it comes to predator management in most of North America. partners with The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network to provide education and best practice models to farmers and ranchers. Through their Wildlife Friendly® and Predator Friendly® certifications, they help provide market access for businesses taking the steps towards coexistence with wildlife, with the ultimate goal to conserve keystone wildlife and the natural systems critical to the health of people and the planet.

You can help. Just $1 helps us improve wolves ability to remain on the landscape and provide an incentive for farms that do the right thing.

The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network works around the world to:

  • Conserve keystone wildlife and the natural systems critical to the health of people and the planet.
  • Help family farms to flourish and promote the practice of ecological agriculture.
  • Build the market for sustainable foods, fibers, and artisan goods, and inspire consumers to change the world.

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