Give Captive Tigers a Better Home with Rescue Rebuild

Give Captive Tigers a Better Home with Rescue Rebuild

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 This International Tiger Day, captive tigers need your help to escape abuse and enjoy the freedom they deserve.

There are around 5,000 captive tigers in the US, 94% of which are not in accredited zoos or facilities, but kept as pets or bred for product. Tigers in the wild need a territory of up to 40 square miles and 10-25 pounds of prey a day, but those in captivity are often confined to no more than 40 square yards, and are perpetually underfed on rancid meat. Since most of the tigers in the US have been born and raised in captivity, they wouldn’t survive if released into the wild. But they desperately need better care and protected spaces to roam.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Springfield, Colorado, is committed to taking in a group of 5-7 tigers rescued from Joe Exotic—the newly famed star of Netflix's Tiger King docuseries—in Oklahoma, including King Mosiah and King Edwards.

That’s when Greater Good Charities' Rescue Rebuild program stepped in. In 2019, we saved 100 illegally trapped bears by building a 300-acre enclosure at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. This June, we headed back to expand the sanctuary. We built a 50-acre habitat to house the tigers, allowing them the space they need while still being able to socialize with other tigers. The heroes from Rescue Rebuild told us:

“It’s not every day that Rescue Rebuild gets to do a project that is truly different from our norm! While the world has changed a lot, the animals still need our help. We followed all CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols to keep the sanctuary staff and our team safe."

The tigers have now been introduced to their new home! They're settling in to a life of health and safety. But funds are still needed to provide ongoing care and feeding for the tigers. Your donation ensures that captive tigers will have room to roam and chances at happier, fuller lives.


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Customer Reviews

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Someone w.c.

Thank you so much for doing something for these beautiful creatures who get in the wrong hands. So glad to know there is somebody out there who is capable of turning their lives around!

Thank you

I wanted to say how much I appreciate the Animal Rescue site. I would never know where to donate money to such worthy causes without you. I am sadden by all the cruelty people impose and I am thankful that I can help out any way I can to help ease animal suffering. I pray for a better world for our beautiful animals that they live the life God intended. Thank you!

Wonderful Organization!

I live near the Sanctuary and it is a wonderful place to see these beautiful animals! It is amazing at how well their animals are taken care of and I’m proud to be a sponsor.

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